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5 Simple Steps to Professional Business Loan

Upload Basic Documents
Preparation of supporting documents
Verifying Document through Bank
Payment of Process Fee
Get approval of Loan

What is Professional Loan

  • Professional loans are personal loans for professionals like chartered accountants, doctors, journalists, engineers, solicitors, surveyor, architects, and management consultants, etc. who have the specific skills and are qualified to practice their trades.
  • Professional loans can be availed for requirements pertaining to their businesses such as the purchase of equipment, construction, business premises, renovating premises, working capital, among others.


Basic Documents

Personal Details

  • Membership certificate copies issued by relevant professional authorities to individuals or individual partners.
  • Firm registration certificate copies for registering with applicable professional authorities, apart from any other similar certifications as specified by the bank or loaning institution.


Documents for Business Place

  • Papers or documents that help in judging the repayment capacity of the borrower, such as expenditure and income statements from 3 fiscal years, balance sheet statements, assessment order copies/tax return copies of individual, firm, partners or guarantors, apart from debt service obligations particulars, etc.
  • Recent utility bill showing name and address, or any other similar identity document.


All Inclusive Fees

  • Annual Turnover up to 25 lakhs


All Inclusive Fees

  • Turnover less than 1 Crore


All Inclusive Fees

  • Having turnover up to 10 Crore

Basic Features

Meeting Short term Working Capital

End use of the loan can be meeting short term working capital requirements, small infrastructure purchase, office renovation, etc

Only provided to Professionals

A professional loan, as the name suggests, is a loan that can be taken out by professionals like accountants, doctors, journalists, engineers, dentists, company secretaries, surveyors, lawyers, architects, management consultants and professionals involved in consultancy

Duration of Repayment

Maximum repayment tenure is generally 60 months, though some banks also offer 84 months or more repayment period to customers. This tenure includes/excludes up to 6 months moratorium

Attractive Interest rate

Attractive interest rates and repayment tenures are available for professional loans, basically, the tenures of the loan are between 12 to 60 months.

Secured Loans

Professional loans are secured loans wherein you have to submit collateral securities apart from a guarantor to vouch for the loan on your behalf

No penality

Generally, there is no prepayment penalty on professional loans because it is landed with prepayment conditions.

Simple application process

It is a very easy process to  Accept professional loan because banks and financial institutions are relying on the KYC and future income of the professionals.

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