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5 Simple Steps to PF Registration

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Minimum Requirements

The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a savings scheme introduced under Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Act, 1952. It is administered and managed by the Central Board of Trustees that consists of representatives from three parties, namely, the government, the employers and the employees.  

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) assists this board in its activities. EPFO works under the direct jurisdiction of the government and is managed through the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The EPF scheme basically aims at promoting savings to be used post-retirement by various employees all over the country. Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF is a collection of funds contributed by the employer and his employee regularly on a monthly basis.

The employer and employee contribute 12% each of the employee’s salary (basic + dearness allowance) to the EPF. These contributions earn a fixed level of interest set by the EPFO. The amount of interest to be received on the deposit along with the total accumulated amount is totally tax-free, i.e. the employee may withdraw the entire fund without worrying about paying any kind of tax on it.

The accrued amount may also be withdrawn by the nominee or the legal heirs of the employee post his death or can be withdrawn by the employee himself post-resignation.

Basic Document Requirement List

Basic Documents of Employer

1. Name of the company

2. Date of the setup of the organization.

3. Scanned copy of the company’s PAN (Proprietor’s, in case of proprietorship concern).

4. Scanned copy of the licenses available in the name of the company. (like GST).

5. Scanned copy of cheque of company’s bank account.

6. Address of the company with address proof.

7. List of Directors / Partners.

8. Address proof of Proprietor / Director / Partner of the company.

9. Email address, Mobile number of Proprietor / Director / Partner of the company.

10.The monthly strength of employees from the date of setup.

11.Bank A/c number with IFSC code

12.Digital Signature of the Proprietor / Director / Partner

Documents of Employees details

1.Name of Employees

2.Father’s Name

3.Date of joining

4.Date of birth

5.Mobile number

6.Postal address

7.Name of nominee




11.ID proof (Aadhaar and PAN)



All Inclusive Fees

  • For Less than 30 Employees
  • Get EPF Registration Certificate


All Inclusive Fees

  • For Less than 40 Employees
  • Get EPF Registration Certificate


All Inclusive Fees

  • For More than 40 Employees
  • Get EPF Registration Certificate

Basic Features

Opening and Investment Limits

You can open a PPF account with a minimum subscription of Rs. 100. You can deposit any amount between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,50,000 in a year.

Period of Investment

It is a 15-year investment scheme and you can withdraw the funds on maturity.


A PPF account currently earns an interest of 8.0% as notified by the Government. This interest is completely tax-free in your hand.

Tax benefits

The PPF scheme allows subscribers to enjoy tax exemptions at the time of deposit, accrual of interest, and withdrawal.

Withdrawal Moratoriums

You can make partial withdrawals from your account. Here is a look at the two possibilities.


The PPF account can be transferred from any branch of a nationalized bank to the post office and vice-versa.

Loan Facility and Others

The PPF scheme provides account holders the advantage of getting a loan on their accounts.

Special Occasion where EPF helps: In many occasions in the family creates an emergency need of fund. In such a case, EPF helps to withdraw money from the account but in the limit specified. On Marriage, Education needs for self, child or any sibling:
Pension Benefits: Members get the Pension. On the occasion of the death of member Family of the members gets the Pension.


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