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5 Simple Steps to Provisional Patent Registration

Check the Patent ability of the invention
Drafting a patent application & Filing
Publication of patent application
Examination of the patent application to Grant of Patent
Get Provisional Patent Registration Certificate

Minimum Requirements

Indian Patent Law follows first to file system. A provisional application is an application which can be filed if the invention is still under experimentation stage. Filing a provisional specification provides the advantage to the inventor since it helps in establishing a ―priority‖ date of the invention. Further, the inventor gets 12 months‘ time to fully develop the invention and ascertain its market potential and to file the complete specification.


Basic Document Requirement List

Basic Documents

  • Application form in duplicate (Form 1).
  • The provisional or complete specification in duplicate. If the provisional specification is filed, it must be followed by the complete specification within 12 months. (Form 2).
  • Drawing in duplicate (if necessary).
  • Abstract of the invention in duplicate.

Basic Information

  • Information & undertaking listing the number, filing date & current status of each foreign patent application in duplicate (Form 3).
  • Priority document (if the priority date is claimed) in convention application, when directed by the Controller
  • Declaration of inventor-ship where a provisional specification is followed by complete specification or in case of convention/PCT national phase application (Form 5).
  • Power of attorney (if filed through Patent Agent).
  • Fees (to be paid in cash/by cheque/by demand draft)  


All Inclusive Fees

  • Device Patent with the Indian Patent office
  • Complete specification of Product provided by Clients


All Inclusive Fees

  • Design & Medical Patent with the Indian Patent office
  • Complete specification of Product/Design provided by Clients


All Inclusive Fees

  • Complete specification of Product/Design provided by Digital CA
  • Complete specification of Product/Design provided by Digital CA

Basic Feature of Patent

Patent is a right

A patent is a right granted by the government to inventors in order to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the patented invention in the United State.

Exclusive access

Once the application is filled as a provisional application, which is a lot cheaper and short to summarize, then the inventor is provided with security and surety that no other could claim the same invention under the filling period of 12 months.

Authorizing complete Freedom of Change

Once A Patent is granted, it provides the inventor the complete right to work or to do anything with his invention for the valid time period. Within this allotted time period no person, business, or an organization is allowed to use or sell or make any modification to the original invention without the investor's consent.

Generating ROI

There are still chances if the inventor gets bored about his /her side or want to hand it over to more successful, or deserving being, then he/she can commercialize the invention, kept its exclusive rights and earning a good amount of investment returns from it.

Generating profits through licensing or selling the invention

There are chances that the inventor might want to sell or license the patent due to any reason such as to earn significant profit then there is a provision for that too. In India, he/ she commercialize or license it to another firm who could offer him a good amount of money.

Safe guarding good market status

By disclosing the invention in public domain openly, itself signifies that the inventor holds the guts to get challenged for his work to attain a good public impression and enhance his/her portfolio.

When can an applicant withdraw patent application in India?

  • A request for the withdrawal of the application can be filed within 15 months of the date of filing or date of priority, whichever is earlier and accordingly the application will not be published and be treated as ―withdrawn‖.
  • An applicant can withdraw the application before the issuance of the First Examination Report. However, on the withdrawal of the application, the applicant can claim a refund of up to 90% of examination fees.
  • An applicant can withdraw the application any time after its filing but before the grant of a patent by making a request. There is no fee for withdrawing the application. And also there is no refund of examination fee

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