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Minimum Requirements

1.Any FBO with an annual turnover of not more than Rs. 12 Lakhs.

2.Petty retailer dealing in food products.

3.Any person who manufactures or sells any food article by himself.

4. Food sale is done by the temporary stall holder.

5.Any individual who distributes food in any religious or social gathering except a caterer.

6.Small-scale or cottage industries dealing in the food business

Basic Document Requirement List

Documents for Applicants

  • Form B duly completed and signed.
  • Photo and address proof of Director/Partner/Proprietor
  • Layout plan of the food processing unit.
  • List of the directors
  • ID proof with contact details
  • List of food category
  • Authority Letter nominated by the manufacturer
  • NOC from municipality
  • Name and number of Equipment as per installed capacity and horsepower for manufacturing and processing unit.

Document for Business Entity

  • Partnership deed
  • MOA and AOA
  • Source of the raw material of meat and meat processing unit. Besides, a source of milk and milk related products as well.
  • For the hotel industry certificate provided by the Ministry of Tourism.
  • For pesticide residue report of water for packaging of water
  • Ministry of commerce certificate for 100% EOU(for central license)
  • Supporting documentary for proof of turnover (in central license case)
  • The analysis report of water to be used in the food (in central license case)
  • Possession proof is important for the electricity bill, sale deeds, etc. (in central license case)
  • A canceled cheque


All Inclusive Fees

  • State FSSI Registration
  • For restaurants, hotels, millers & Food Processing Unit


All Inclusive Fees

  • Central FSSI Registration
  • For Food Importer & Exporter, Large Food Business


All Inclusive Fees

  • For Food Importer & Exporter, Large Food Business
  • Central FSSI Registration
  • Import Export Code (IEC)

Basic Features

Decentralization of licensing

Earlier, there was one central body to issue licenses to manufacture food products. With the new FSSAI, the task of getting a license becomes easier and faster as one does not have to depend on a single body. There are local state-wise bodies.

Imported food

Once the food is imported, it has to undergo required tests before it is allowed to be sold in the Indian market. Earlier, the tests carried out by the government bodies used to take a long time, causing the food to go waste in the godown.  

Food recall

This is a very international term for recalling the material from the market. Under FSSAI, all packaged food items need to have batch numbers. This will allow the governing body to recall the items from the market if they are not hygienically fit. 

Consumer Complain

If a consumer complains about a packaged food on its hygiene-related issues, the batch number of the item will be checked and all packets of the same batch number will be recalled from the market to avoid health problems. Every packaged food item is required to have a manufacturing date, expiry date, and nutrition values.


The manufacturers will need to have their own surveillance mechanism. There has to be an in-house body of food safety management that keeps checking on the manufactured items and also keeps a record of the hygiene and food safety measures taken to manufacture it. The in-house body is expected to conduct regular tests and hygiene control.

More food labs

Under the FSSAI, there are plans to have more laboratories across the country. This will allow quick testing and will also help in getting accurate results as food will not take time to reach labs. There are only 70 labs now.

Committee reviews

Earlier, the governing committee used to either give or deny the license. Under the FSSAI, if a license is denied, the committee will inform the applicant about why the license is being denied. The applicant will then be given a certain amount of time to work on the lacunas. This allows a room for improvement to the applicant. Under FSSAI all food places have to come under an umbrella to provide quality. Even small food outlets like vada pav stall and tea stall will have to be registered.

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