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5 Simple Steps to Import Export Code

Arrangement of KYC documents of Business
Applying for IEC
Submission of Application
Make Payment to DGFT
Get IEC code

Needs for Import Export Code

IEC is required in the following situations
1. When an importer has to clear his shipments from the customs then it’s needed by the customs authorities.

2. When an importer sends money abroad through banks then it’s needed by the bank.

3. When an exporter has to send his shipments then its needed by the customs port.

4. When an exporter receives money in foreign currency directly into his bank account then its required by the bank.


Basic Document Requirement List

For Sole Proprietorship Business

  • Passport-size Photograph of the Proprietor.
  • Copy of PAN card of the Proprietor.
  • Copy of Passport (1st & last page),
  • Voter’s I-Card,
  • Vehicle Driving Licence,
  • Aadhar card copy
  • Sale deed in case of own business premises, or Rental/Lease Agreement, in case of office is rented/leased; or latest electricity/telephone bill.
  • Bank Certificate / Cancelled Cheque bearing the printed name of the applicant and A/C No.

For LLP/Private Limited Company

  • Passport-size Photograph of the Managing Partner/Directors
  • Copy of PAN card of the applicant entity.
  • Copy of Passport (first & last page)
  • Voter’s I-Card,
  • Aadhar UID card
  • Driving Licence
  • PAN (any one of these) of the Managing Partner/Director signing the application.
  • Copy of Partnership Deed/MOA & AOA
  • Sale deed in case business premise is self-owned; or
  • Rental/Lease Agreement, in case of an office, is rented/ leased; or
  • latest electricity /telephone bill.
  • Bank Certificate
  • Canceled Cheque bearing preprinted name of the applicant entity and A/C No.


All Inclusive Fees

  • IEC for Sole Proprietorship Business
  • Get IEC Certificate


All Inclusive Fees

  • IEC for LLP, Private Limited Company & Others*
  • Get IE Certificate


All Inclusive Fees

  • IEC for Public Limited Company
  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Get IE Certificate

Basic Features

Business expansion

Registering for Import Export Code will help you in expanding your business and reaching out to a larger market on a global scale, thereby helping your business to grow by leaps and bounds.

No return filing

Registering for Import Export Code will mean that you need not file any returns. Once the code has been allotted to you, you will not be required to follow some kind of process to ensure that its validity is sustained. 

No requirement for renewal

The validity of an Import Export Code lasts until the entity exists. As such, those who hold this code will not have to ever worry about renewing it.

Simple processing

Obtaining an Import Export Code from the Director General of Foreign Trade is fairly simple. Applications are usually processed within 10 to 15 days once submitted.

Other benefits

Companies that register for Import Export Code could make the most of several other benefits offered by customs, the Export Promotion Council, and the Director General of Foreign Trade.

Life Time Validity

Based on the Permanent Account Number of the business organization this code is allotted with lifetime validity.

Availing Several benefits

Companies could avail several benefits of their imports/ exports from the DGFT. It is submitted to various government authorities to obtain benefits in respect of their export and import from customs, DGFT, Export Promotion Council, etc. It acts as a license for Importing and Exporting of goods. Through IEC number, Goods are cleared from the customs authorities.

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