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5 Simple Steps to ITR-7 (Trust ITR)

Prepare ITR-7 With Basic Document
Make Computation
Make TAX payment
Upload Return & verify Return
Get Acknowledgement

Applicability of ITR-7

ITR-7 is filed when persons including companies fall under section 139(4A) or section 139 (4B) or section 139 (4C) or section 139 4(D).

Basic Documents

Personal Details

Return under section 139(4C) is required to be filed by every scientific research association ;
news agency ;

  • association or institution referred to in section 10(23A);
  • institution referred to in section 10(23B);
  • fund or institution or university or
  • other educational institution or any hospital or
  • other medical institution.

Verification of ITR

  • Please ensure that the verification has been signed before furnishing the return. Write the designation of the person signing the return.
  • Please note that any person making a false statement in the return or the accompanying schedules shall be liable to be prosecuted under section 277 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 and on conviction be punishable under that section with rigorous imprisonment and with fine.


All Inclusive Fees

  • Person having salary up to 10 Lakh


All Inclusive Fees

  • Person having salary up to 20 Lakh


All Inclusive Fees

  • Person having salary more than 30 Lakh

Basic Features

Easy Loan Approval

Filing the ITR will help individuals when they have to apply for a vehicle loan, House Loan, etc. Bank will ask for a copy of ITR.

Claim Tax Refund

If you have a refund due from the Income Tax Department, you will have to file an Income Tax Return to claim the refund.

Income & Address Proof

Income Tax Return can be used as proof of your Income and Address.

Carry forward of Losses

If you file the return within due date, you will be able to carry forward losses to subsequent years, which can be used to set off against income of If you file a return within the due date.

Quick Visa Processing

Most embassies & consulates require you to furnish copies of your tax returns for the past couple of years at the time of the visa application.

Avoid Penalty

If you are required to file your Tax returns but didn’t, then the tax officer deserves the right to impose a penalty of up to the amount specified

Contribution to Govt. Fund

By Filling ITR Assessee Contribute their Hands to the Development of Country.

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