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5 Simple Steps to CA Certification

Preparation of necessary Document
Drafting the document
Signing the Document with DSC
Signing the Document with DSC
Get Acknowledgement

Minimum Requirements

Details For 15CA & 15 CB:

1. Details of  Payment made to NRI

2. Amount of TDS deducted

3. Banking Details through which payment is made

4. Banking Details to Whom Payment is made


Basic Documents

On the part of Remitter


2. Business Address

3. Banking Details

4. Purpose of Remittance


On the part of Beneficiary

1.  Basic Detail like- Name, Address

2. Banking Details




All Inclusive Fees

  • Income up to 10 Lakh


All Inclusive Fees

  • Income up to 20 Lakh


All Inclusive Fees

  • Income Up to 30 Lakh

Basic Features

About 15 CA

Form 15CA is a Declaration of Remitter and is considered as a tool for collecting tax in the hands of the recipient of non-resident of India. This is an effective System which may be utilized by the Income-tax Department to track the foreign remittances and their source to determine tax liability.

About 15 CB

A person making a payment to a Non Resident or a Foreign Company has to submit the form 15CA. This form is submitted online. In some cases, a Certificate from Chartered Accountant in form 15CB is required after uploading the form 15CA online.

About GST Audit & Certification

Every Registered Person is required to get his account audited By Chartered Accountant when their turn over exceeds 2 crores in a Financial Year. This report is required to be filled in GSTR-9C by 31st December Every year.

Audited Balance sheet Required in annual Filling with ROC

Every Company is required to Submit their annual account with Register of Company along with Audited Balance sheet by 60days from the conclusion of AGM.

Audited Balance sheet Required in Income Tax Filling

Under the Income Tax Act, there is compulsory audit required by Chartered Accountant when Gross receipt of a business Exceeds 100 Lakh in case of Assessee is a Businessman or 50lakh when Assessee is carrying profession.


LLP Audit Requirement

LLPs are required to have its accounts audited by a practicing Chartered Accountant if its annual turnover, in any financial year exceeds Rs.40 lakhs or its contribution exceeds Rs.25 lakhs

Audited Statement in case of sole Proprietor


The sole trader is free to choose any practicing chartered accountant to conduct this audit. The auditor should obtain from the sole trader a letter of appointment before accepting the audit

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